I am a recovering Alcoholic and addict, I arrived at Directions of Recovery by the grace of God. since I have been at the center my life is changing for the better with the tools that I am learning in my groups, and Balance of my higher power I have been able not only to stay sober, but to live a sober life. I have learned balance between groups, AA and your higher power are key. I have been fighting this demon for 20 years; and for the first time in my life my counselor at Directions has helped me address some issues that I believe will help (not to relapse) and live a clean and sober life. The Director of Directions, who we all look to for advice and guidance, recently had a very sad tragedy in his life. We all were wondering how he would react to the situation, praying for him daily to show us even in the worst of times; you can stay sober, and thus so far he has showed us by his actions it can be done. You see, it is not just a program we are family and we try on a daily basis to improve our life as well as the lives of others. I will always be thankful for Directions of Recovery, and the staff that helped me be able to live life clean and sober.



I came to Directions of Recovery an empty shell left from a tragedy in my life, friendless, most family dead and gone, all alone with no where to turn and terrified of what I may encounter around any corner in my life. I truly had no hope or vision for my future, knowing in my heart I could never live in this world again without real help, knowledge, and an honest chance to make it. I was the one the probation officers were talking about when you heard, why waste your time on him, he's not going to make it, or, he's not worth your effort, why bother. Since I've been here I have found there are people who are truly looking for any way they can be of service to help a person understand how to find their own direction and how to stay steadfast on their recovery. I now have an inner peace beyond any explanation, knowing I am not alone, people do love me for who I am, and I do not need Alcohol or Drugs to be happy. My Anger is at an all time low and I can now handle most any situation without showing Anger. I now, pick and choose wonderful people I allow to be part of my life. I do not worry, I choose to be happy every day, and whatever problem arises I deal with it the best I can and leave the rest to God as I understand Him, and go on about my wonderful day. But most of all I believe in myself again! If there was only one place on Earth to get help, it should be staffed with people who have a true desire to make a difference in people's lives and give the help needed on an individual basis as does the staff at Directions of Recovery. From a Cowboys point of view, My Heart goes out and I tip my hat, to Jerry Johnson and his life's work to truly make a difference wherever possible to bring individuals to a better understanding of their life.



Dear Frankie, Gus and the entire staff at Directions of Recovery, Inc.:

How can one thank so many people for their undaunted help and counseling for so many people, which includes me. from my intake with Lisa all the way through the end of my required attendance with Frankie and the whole staff, you have helped me more than you can ever imagine. it would appear you have to treat each and every patient with their own individual course of treatment, and my saga is no different. I feel truly blessed to have been sent to a facility such as yours.


I finally received notice from the Medical Department eight months after being pulled out of servie in December of 2008. After being pulled from service I sank into severe, clinical depression. When the company offered me the opportunity to go to a Rehab facility I finally had a reason to get off my lazy ass and begin getting my life in order, after total stagnation for eight full months. I still question the company's motive for this request because no matter what I did in Rehab the Medical Department never set a goal or a limit to the amount of medicine I take on a daily basis. In my humble opinion it has turned out to be the best decision they could have made for me, despite the fact they never gave me the dosage level I needed to reach in order for me to get back to work. It has proven to be a mute point because I have become aware of ways to become a better person, fight my depression, and most important address my drug and alcohol addictions. For this I am so grateful and I can never express my true appreciation to all concerned, my EAP case manager, my Medical Department and of course all members at Directions of Recovery.

It is time to return to the reason for this letter of appreciation and gratitude. How can I ever say enough to thank each and every one of you who has helped me to get my life in order and become a more productive member of society? How can I say thanks for all the care and love you have given me? I cannot adequately state how much I appreciate all your efforts to help me. Suffice to say my family and I are grateful beyond description and mere words. I will close by simply saying the obvious, many thanks. You many have saved a life and I will never forget this moment in time, or you.






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